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Sales Management Software or web based sales team management software is an application that helps you manage sales team effectively.

This application helps to increase sales figures by keeping track of potential customer database and communications. This application allows easy methods for increasing sales team efficiency by correct approach for sales follow up.


It maintains all potential customer database, follow up and meeting information. Being organized it one of the best ways to increase sales team performance. After using this application, none of your sales lead will get unattended and all the potential business will be under single application. There are three basic roles including telesales callers, business developers / sales man and sales manager. Over all, there is a website administrator to control the entire application.

What it Does?

 Perfect Software for Small Teams

 Manage sales department in a company

 Manages leads database

 Manages communication data

 Reminds about follow ups and meetings

 Separate login for executive, managers and admin

 Increased conversion rate due to organized sales force

Benefits of using this software

Benefits of using this software

 Increased Revenue

 Un-Biased Sales Operations

 Saves Time

 Saves Paper Cost

 Track Performance

How it Works?

Step 1: Purchase

Step 2: Download the package

Step 3: Extract the folder

Step 4: Upload / install on server

Step 5: Start using

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