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Property Management Software or Real Estate software or software for real estate brokers helps property consultants to manage their property listings. Consultants can maintain property database using this software, create executive accounts in the system and add potential customer information.


Property Management Software will help customer to organize Real Estate Company. When all potential customer databases maintained properly and all communication is stored in the system then it is very easy to increase sales. Even if the executive resigns then the potential customer database remains with you for future follow up in order to convert them in sale.

Roles: There are two key roles inside this property management software application. Details are mentioned below.


Administrator or Admin

Create executive accounts and give them login id

Manage executive database, suspend or delete them

Create properties available for sale or rent

View potential customer information from all executives database

Transfer potential customer database from one executive to another

Real Estate Executive

Real Estate Executive

Executive or user will login to this software and enter potential customer information.

Executive will update latest communication details with the customer.

Executive can view properties listed in the software and provide this information to end customer.

Executive can view all details about a property to make sale more effective.

How it Works?

Step 1: Purchase

Step 2: Download the package

Step 3: Extract the folder

Step 4: Upload / install on server

Step 5: Start using

In normal business scenario we maintain leads by traditional methods. These methods include maintaining customer database on paper and in excel sheet in some cases. Real estate lead generation and maintenance is an important step towards generating sales. This software allow easy way of maintain customer information and will have list of all the customer database maintained in a systematic way that will help in generating leads for your real estate business by reconnecting with customers with prior communication history.

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