CRM Software


 Online Bill Generation

 CRM for Customer Service

 Online Customer Communication

 Customer Knowledge Bank

 Online Customer Profile Management

 Online Customer Management Software

 Mobile Friendly

Product Description

Client management software is helpful in maintaining a healthy relationship with customers across the globe. This software has features like customer profile management, works as online billing software and provide communication platform between company and customers.


 Online Bill Generation for Customers

 Online Customer Profile Creation

 Customer Knowledge bank creation

 Online Customer Communication Platform

 Online Customer Complaint System

 Easy to use CRM for Customer Service

 Customer help desk executive login panel

 Access control based on business requirement

With the help of this software you can allow customers to connect with you 24 hours a day.

Documentation & Installation

Runs on window based hosting account. All server spaces come with pre-installed software, sufficient to install this software. No additional technical skill required. Just read installation manual, follow instructions and the software can be ready in less than 10 minutes.

Hosting: you can simply create a sub domain on your main website (if you wish to run it on same domain) and upload this software.

Sales is one of the key requirement for any business and this software provides you solution to organize sales team and do timely follow up required for effective and faster closures.


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