Asset Management Software


 Web Based Software

 Mobile Friendly / Responsive

 Unlimited Users / Employees

 Easy to use interface

 Documentation – Fully documented

Product Description

Online Asset Management Software is made for companies who issue resources or assets to their employees. This software comes with responsive design template.

This web based asset management software can be used with employees situated anywhere in the world. The first step is to create a database of company assets including laptop, phone and vehicles etc. Employees place request for these assets and return them back to company. All these details are stored in the system.

Online Asset Management Software cater request for items that are returnable and for those who are not returnable. Returnable items are like laptop, phones issued in a company ad non returnable are like stationary items.

Feature List

Online Asset Management Software – Features

 Smart Phone Ready

 Easy to use Interface

 Easy to track how many times an item was issued to employees

 Create / Add unlimited employees

 Systematic entries for Returnable and Non-Returnable assets

Benefits of using asset management software

Benefits of using asset management software

This software helps to create asset database of company

Employees get a username and password.

It is easy to document every time an asset is issued to employee.

You can pull reports easily by using this software to see when a specific item was issued or how many assets are issued to employees at present.


Documentation & Installation

Asset Management Software comes well documented to ensure easy understanding and smooth processing.


Runs on window based hosting account. All server spaces come with pre-installed software, sufficient to install this software. No additional technical skill required. Just read installation manual, follow instructions and the software can be ready in less than 10 minutes.

Hosting: you can simply create a sub domain on your main website (if you wish to run it on same domain) and upload this software.


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