Asset Management

Online Asset Management Software is made for companies who issue resources or assets to their employees. This software comes with responsive design template.


Online Asset Management Software cater request for items that are returnable and for those who are not returnable. Returnable items are like laptop, phones issued in a company ad non returnable are like stationary items.

Online Asset Management Software - Features

Online Asset Management Software – Features

 Smart Phone Ready

 Easy to use Interface

 Easy to track how many times an item was issued to employees

 Create / Add unlimited employees

 Systematic entries for Returnable and Non-Returnable assets

You can pull reports easily by using this software to see when a specific item was issued or how many assets are issued to employees at present.

How it Works?

Step 1: Purchase

Step 2: Download the package

Step 3: Extract the folder

Step 4: Upload / install on server

Step 5: Start using

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