About us

SoftMarket is developed after extensive research and doing real time projects from more than 65 industries. With over 5 years of full time experience as a developer of more than 150 projects we have developed some software applications that can be used by wide range of customers across the globe. We are offering most of the products at rock bottom prices so maximum people can use these solutions.

All these software applications are internet based and we recommend using windows based hosting solution for easy access.

Each application available on the site fulfills a specific purpose and come with self install model to reduce the cost further. Easy to understand installation manual will help you go live in less time.

Sales Software

Manages leads database, follow up, meeting information and communication to ensure maximum lead closures.


Customer management software takes care of customer database management, billing and customer support.

Asset Management

Asset management software makes life easy for those who issues assets like laptop, phone, stationary etc to their employees. It is easy to keep track of all these assets.


Human resource management software manages all employee information including attendance, leaves, holidays and lot more.

Real Estate Software

Real estate software is for property consultants or those who are in the selling and renting property business.